Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeling Loved

Today is my 7 year anniversary with my husband. My wonderful, awesome husband. I wasn't sure if he would remember... well, he knows the date if you ask him, but he tends to loose track of what day it is, so I wasn't sure he'd realize what today is. But, he did. I walked into my home office and was surprised by this... :D

So, I proceeded to spend the next hour taking pictures of them and me with them, so I could get some good photos to post on facebook. They made my day....and probably the next couple of days.

This is really just the icing on the cake. He's my rock, my balancing point, and my knight in shining armor. When I needed him the other day, he was there, no complaining, no judgment, just "what do you need?" I'm a lucky woman.

I love you!

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