Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Crochet Story

Everyone has a different story of when they learned to crochet and, very often, when they picked it back up after a hiatus.

I first learned to crochet when I was 8, I think - somewhere around there. My mom always made a lot of afghans and I loved how the colors and patterns came together. So, she taught me and I started on a little ripple afghan. It only ended up being about 2 feet long before I had enough. Too small for a person, but I put it at the end of my bed and my cat loved napping on it. I also made a few other things, but it hadn't become an obsession yet.

I picked it by up after my hiatus, when my husband came up to me one day and said - "you know how to knit, right?". "Nope, no clue," I told him. He was obviously disappointed until I said, "but I can crochet and can probably make anything that's knitted in crochet." His happy face came back as he asked me to make him a Dr Who scarf. I found a simple crochet pattern online and told him that it'd be no problem. Then I realized it was 14 feet of sc. Woah.

10 months later (working on it fairly regularly), it was done and he was thrilled:

But then he needed a hat to go with it. I took the leftover yarn from the scarf and made up a hat to go with it.

After that, I found the Happy Hooker book and realized all the fun, cool things that could be crocheted. I had been a little stiffled by the lack of patterns I liked, but Debbie Stoller's book got me up and running. Then I found Ravelry, which lead me to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art festival and that introduced me to the local crochet guild. And now, there's no turning back - I'm obsessed.

Not sure where I'll go from here. I've started designing a little and I think I may try to get something published soon. I've also done a little pattern testing for people, which has been a lot of fun. I do want to make sure that crochet stays fun - I have enough stress at my day job. So, I ponder becoming a crochet professional, but I'm not driving towards it too hard... yet.

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