Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Hats!

Several of my coworkers are expecting babies - either them directly or their wives. So I decided that this weekend is baby hat weekend and I've made good progress so far:

I used the following patterns, with my own modifications:
  • (upper left) Dot Matthew's Lil' Darlin' Baby Hat
  • (upper right)'s Crochet Pixie Hat
  • (lower right) Haakpoes' Noodle Baby Hat
  • (middle) one that I don't remember what pattern I started with, but it didn't work out well, so I improvised
  • (lower left) and one that I made up as I went along
I also discovered that a small ball I have is 15.5 inches in circumference. According to a size chart I found online (thanks, Bev and friends!), that's the same size as a 3-6 month old. I think that's a good size to aim for, since some babies may be born bigger than average - my parents tell me I went straight into 3-6 month clothing when I was born. And if the baby is average or a little smaller, they can still grow into it. Since I don't have much experience with babies myself, it's nice to have a 'model' to use as a santity check. And my cats weren't thrilled with the idea of modeling for me.

Do you have a good baby hat pattern to recommend? Please post a comment with a link. I have a large department, so I know there will be more babies on the way.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE your cat's face!! They always look so aggravated when you place things on them. Adorable hats, by the way & great idea about the ball. I have a couple of exercise balls that just may be the right size as well...since I don't have babies around anymore.

    Bet you could come up with some cute hats on your own:) As for me, I'm a sucker for babies wearing either fruit on their heads or sporting some type of animal ears.