Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Hats!

Several of my coworkers are expecting babies - either them directly or their wives. So I decided that this weekend is baby hat weekend and I've made good progress so far:

I used the following patterns, with my own modifications:
  • (upper left) Dot Matthew's Lil' Darlin' Baby Hat
  • (upper right)'s Crochet Pixie Hat
  • (lower right) Haakpoes' Noodle Baby Hat
  • (middle) one that I don't remember what pattern I started with, but it didn't work out well, so I improvised
  • (lower left) and one that I made up as I went along
I also discovered that a small ball I have is 15.5 inches in circumference. According to a size chart I found online (thanks, Bev and friends!), that's the same size as a 3-6 month old. I think that's a good size to aim for, since some babies may be born bigger than average - my parents tell me I went straight into 3-6 month clothing when I was born. And if the baby is average or a little smaller, they can still grow into it. Since I don't have much experience with babies myself, it's nice to have a 'model' to use as a santity check. And my cats weren't thrilled with the idea of modeling for me.

Do you have a good baby hat pattern to recommend? Please post a comment with a link. I have a large department, so I know there will be more babies on the way.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sometimes Unraveling is a GOOD thing

I remember times when I felt like things were unraveling and I stressed me out. Now, I've discovered the fun of unraveling on purpose! Thanks to my southern friend, I'm addicted to pulling apart sweaters. Plus, it's so earth friendly, since it recycles yarn without additional chemical processing.

My husband and I went on a treasure hunt to Goodwill (he'll never say no to that). Before I left, I reviewed Neauveau's tutorial on recycling yarn (, so I felt confident that I'd be able to find a sweater with good seams. If you're interested in unraveling, I HIGHLY recommend reading her tutorial. I know it saved me a ton of disappointment, since I knew what sweaters to pass on. Thanks to Neauveau (ravelry name) for putting this together!

This is the first sweater I unraveled. It's from The Limited - 53% acrylic, 20% wool, 16% nylon, and 11% alpaca- and was $5.

Is it sad that I spend most of my Saturday doing this? I was thrilled when I finished unraveling a sleeve and had a good sized ball of yarn. Here's the unraveled sleeve next to the yet-to-be-unraveled sleeve (and a deck of cards for size reference).

And, now, it's lots of fun yarn for me to use.

And all for only $5! Woo-hoo.

Next, on to two 100% cotton sweaters I also picked up. The green one from Arizona was also $5. The blue one from DKNY was only $1.50 and a men's XXL - score!