Friday, February 27, 2009

I Did It In Public!

Yesterday, I did it in public. It's a way to promote the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art festival and the wonderful crafts that are showcased there. (for more info, check out

I was surprised about how much fun I had. It was invigorating to be around other crafty people working on their craft. There were people knitting and crocheting, of course. But, also, rug hooking, which was more beautiful than I would have expected. One woman shared some of her experience with spinning. She was working on a lapghan for a friend, with yarn that she made from the sheddings of a Burmese mountain dog (if I remember correctly). Now, I want to learn how to spin. I think my Maine Coon's fur would make fantastic yarn. Couldn't think of a better source (maybe my other cat). Not that I'm biased. Here, this is my Addy, isn't he cute?

Wouldn't his fur make a great sweater? At least, it would make me feel better about the sheddings all over the house. My husband and I have joked about making another cat from all the fur, but I didn't think it was possible until now. What do you think? An amigurumi cat made with cat fur yar?

I can't wait to Do It In Public! again.

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